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Can You Carry a Gun in the State Fair Texas?

Can You Carry a Gun in the State Fair Texas?

The State Fair of Texas kicks off every year in September and welcomes millions of people to the park during the event. The fair organizers put in a lot of effort to keep the fairgrounds safe during the event.

If you plan to visit the State Fair of Texas, this article highlights what you can take to the park and firearm regulations at the Texas State Fair.

Can You Carry a Gun in the State Fair Texas?

The Texas State fair is a private entity and not government property. However, the owner of the park values gun owner rights and permits license holders to carry a concealed handgun to the fair park.

According to the Texas License to Carry, a person holding a valid license is permitted to carry concealed handgun or open carry in Texas. But the law doesn’t allow carrying guns to premises where a high school collegiate, or professional sporting event or interscholastic event is taking place. Gun owners are also prohibited from carrying guns to state fair’s livestock facilities, a cotton bowl stadium, a garden, a business earning income by offering a service of alcoholic beverages and allowing on-premises consumption.

Can You Carry a Gun in the State Fair Texas? - Concealed Carry Class Texas

However, state fair officials allow LTC holders from Texas or license holders from a reciprocating state to concealed carry a handgun to the fair as long as the gun owner fully complies with the applicable laws.

Texas prohibits fair attendees from openly carrying handguns to the fairgrounds. Also, if you aren’t a license holder, you won’t be allowed to open carry or carry the gun in a concealed manner as per the applicable Texas laws.

What is Texas State Fair Park Concealed Carry Policy?

Can You Carry a Gun in the State Fair Texas? - Texas Online LTC

The Texas law for concealed carrying indicates that a valid Texas license holder can carry a handgun to the fair park. However, if he or she has an openly carried handgun, the security will ask them to put the gun at an offsite location or her vehicle prior to entering the fairgrounds.

Again, the valid LTC holder is prohibited from carrying the handgun to the following places:

  • Premises where a high school collegiate or professional sporting event or interscholastic event is taking place.
  • To the cotton bowl stadium and state fair’s livestock facilities where interscholastic events are taking place.
  • Premises where a business earns more than 51% of income from the sale or service of alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption.

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What is Allowed in the State Fair of Texas?

The State Fair of Texas allows attendees to carry various items as long as they are non-harmful. Some of the things you can take to the state fair of Texas include:

  • Wagons to carry small children.
  • Tasting fair foods is one of the main reasons to visit the fair. But people with dietary restrictions can carry their food or beverages.
  • Coolers or ice chests are permitted on the park premises. However, metal or pocketknives, glass containers, alcoholic beverages, etc., are prohibited.
Can You Carry a Gun in the State Fair Texas? - Concealed Carry Texas

What Items Are Not Allowed into the Fair?

Millions of people visit the fair of Texas, so the Dallas police and event organizers have strict rules on what to take inside the park. You can’t take anything restricted or harmful to other people at the park. And if you make individual attempts to carry prohibited items to the park, you will be removed from the ground.

Attendees are not allowed to take the following items to this year’s fair park:

  • Pets are not allowed at the park. However, trained service animals are permitted for people with a disability.
  • Carrying and using bull horns, megaphones, air horns, or other similar items is strictly prohibited.
  • Large signs or props are not allowed within the fair premises.
  • Selfie sticks, monopods, tripods, or other camera equipment are prohibited on the premises unless credentialed by the state fair’s PR office.
  • Drones and other remote-controlled aircraft are not allowed in the state fair of Texas. However, registered vendors can sell such devices after removing their batteries.
  • Bicycles, rollers, and skateboards should not be brought inside the park gates.
  • Weapons such as pocketknives, sharp metal objects, scissors, etc., are not allowed within the premises.
  • Handguns can be carried to the fairgrounds only if you have a valid concealed handgun license. Open carry is prohibited for all license holders, including valid LTC holders.
Can You Carry a Gun in the State Fair Texas? - License to Carry Texas

Can you Conceal Carry at Texas State Fair 2022?

Dallas police work day and night to maintain a family-friendly environment at the State Fair of Texas. So, open carry is prohibited at the event. However, if an individual has a valid license, the individual can take his or her concealed handgun to the fair.

Additionally, you cannot open or conceal carry a firearm to other premises such as places where a sporting event is taking place, at interscholastic events, livestock facilities, etc.

Can You Bring a Backpack to the State Fair of Texas?

Yes, you can take a backpack to the Texas fair. You can also take backpacks or purses to the Cotton Bowl stadium. However, medical bags will be checked at the entrance.

What Should I Wear to the Texas State Fair?

The Texas fairground is a family-friendly premise, so you are encouraged to wear comfortable attire with walking shoes. You can also wear Texas-themed shirts and hats. However, the officials may stop you from entering the ground if you wear objectionable attire like:

Texas Concealed Handgun License - Can You Carry a Gun in the State Fair Texas?
  • Clothes with objectionable material and signs.
  • Clothes that expose maximum parts of the body and looks objectionable to families.
  • Clothes with multiple layers.
  • Offensive tattoos.
  • Masks that cover the eyes.
  • Clothes that have weapons or can be mistaken as real weapons.

Do You Have to Wear a Mask at the State Fair of Texas?

No, but they recommend you need to wear a mask indoors. Also, if you are at a crowded place at the fair, it is recommended you should wear a mask. If you forget your mask, the fair staff will give you one.

Can I Carry an Unloaded Gun in my Backpack at Texas State Fair?

You can only carry your unloaded gun in your backpack if you have a concealed license. Also, if you have an open carry license, you must keep the handgun concealed in the bag as per the Dallas police laws.

Texas LTC CHL - Can You Carry a Gun in the State Fair Texas?

Can I Carry a Pistol in my car at Texas State Fair Without a License?

Dallas police won’t allow you to take a pistol to the fairgrounds without a license. But you can keep your pistol in the car, outside the park, and at other premises without a license. Also, keep in mind not to wave the gun in public or keep it in open view. Put it concealed in your vehicle.

Common FAQs

Fri, Sep 29, 2023 – Sun, Oct 22, 2023

2023 State Fair of Texas will begin at 1:00 PM on

Friday, September 29

and ends on

Sunday, October 22

All times are in Central Time.

Ticket prices start at $15 for adult tickets and $10 for child and senior tickets. … Prices for daily admission tickets vary by day of week.

The State Fair of Texas is a collection of small businesses. The prices for concessions and rides are determined by the operators and concessionaires without input from the State Fair. Only the prices for parking and admission are set by the Fair.