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Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022

So, I have been asked over and over by many women that attend my Concealed Carry Classes both in Texas and Oklahoma, what do I think is the best concealed handgun for women, and my reply has always been the same. Whatever you feel most comfortable shooting and conceal carrying. Given that here are Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022, wife and daughter approved.

18–20-year-olds can now get a Concealed Carry in Texas. The new age requirement for the Texas License to Carry – Texas Concealed Carry is now only 18 years old per Federal Court Ruling.

Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc. et. al., v. Steven McCraw, et. al., No. 4:21-cv-1245-P

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022

Now after many years, training and purchasing many different handguns for my wife and my daughters. I have come up with ten that my daughters, my wife, and I like. So, take my opinions with a grain of salt. In the end you will be the one shooting and carrying the firearm.

Keep in mind I am not going to say which one gun is better then the other. These are just 10 handguns that work well. In the end, one of these might be better for you than the other.

I did throw a revolver in the list because like My great grandfather taught me, “Less mechanical parts make it less likely to malfunction.” This quote from a man that was raised during the depression and didn’t use a tractor till the 90s.

Handguns are a great way to defend yourself. And with so many different types of handguns on the market, it can be hard for someone who’s new at shooting them all decide which one is right for you! I’ve put together this guide showing some popular options that will help narrow down your choices and make finding The One easier than ever before – without breaking any bank or commitments in training classes (or else).

So, like with many blogs, the writer pulls you in with the importance of this and that. Like concealed handguns how they are important to women, blah blah, blah. I’m not going to do that right off the bat. I assume you are grown and have already done some research and training etc. I am not affiliated with any of the guns nor companies that sell them, que the no links to purchase, so refreshing.

I do offer the License to Carry Texas Online Class for Texas Concealed Carry and in person concealed carry classes in Oklahoma. You can find more info towards the bottom of the page after the gun list. That’s my rant so enjoy the list and hope it helps you.

1. Glock 43 9mm Luger 3.41in Black Nitrite Pistol

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022



Glock 43 - A Practical All-Rounder

The Glock is a well-known, high-quality handgun that can be used by many people for long periods of time without any complaints. The only thing holding back this gun from being perfect would have to do with aesthetics because some users may not want the handlebars on their weapon as big and flashy looking which was why we added “depending upon your personal preference” at beginning statement about whether they should go partially or fully revealed when firing rounds out respectively.

The gun is easy to shoot, has light recoil and can be aimed easily. It’s not as powerful or accurate compared with other guns in its class but this could make it better suited for beginners who are just learning how handle firearms safely

The trigger pull on our test model was quite lightweight which allowed us quick access into rapid fire mode (if needed). Removal of Magazine Adapters means no more worries about losing parts during an emergency!

This gun has a comfortable feel, but it doesn’t provide good handling and can be difficult to pull for some.

2. Sig Sauer P365 9mm Luger 3.1in Nitron Micro Compact Semi-Automatic Pistol

This polymer, striker-fired 9mm pistol is a favorite of many concealed carry enthusiasts. The 2018 Handgun of The Year citation from Shooting Illustrated speaks volumes about how good it really can be!

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022



Sig Sauer’s P365 is a precision beast with increased recoil stability. It has been proven to be one of the most accurate concealed carry guns on today’s market – perfect for any shooter who demands high standards!

The P365 has an extended magazine capacity of 10, 12 or 15 rounds which makes it perfect for target practice and shooting galleries.

The leather-like handle of the P365 feels just right and can be a great choice for those with small hands. It’s slightly heavier than most Glocks, weighing in at 17 ounces before ammo or accessories; however, it is smaller compared to other weapons, so this makes perfect sense as an excellent concealed carry gun if you’re looking into carrying one everywhere!

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022

The P365’s stainless steel frame and slide, short trigger reset (which allows for quick shots), non-intrusive iron sights make it an easy choice when looking to buy your next gun. With the standard weight slightly lessening recoils but some may still feel a kick in their back because of this design decision; however, these features are what set them apart from other pistols on today’s market!

Cleaning and field stripping are a breeze, almost easier to disassemble than the Glock or S&W thanks to its takedown lever. Regular maintenance means that your trusty P365 will serve you well for long time! Since this choice among gun enthusiasts has become so popular aftermarket customization can be found easily on hand with what’s available nowadays from big name companies like Smith & Wesson enjoy their newest models in 9mm form factor which also holds true if someone wants something smaller but just as deadly.

But I’ve seen so many happy, long-time fans of the P365. They really make you want to try it yourself and let’s be real – at \$500-\$600 dollars for a ‘pro grade’ concealed carry sharpshooter who wouldn’t want their money spent wisely?

3. Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield 9mm Luger

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is an excellent choice for anyone with small hands looking to carry a stealthy, concealed handgun. It features short trigger pulls and audible resets which make it comfortable while shooting in quick succession; its slim design also keeps the gun from being too bulky under your clothes or inside a holster when compared against other firearms of similar size (though there are larger models available).

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022



The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is an excellent choice for anyone with small hands looking to carry a stealthy, concealed handgun. It features short trigger pulls and audible resets which make it comfortable while shooting in quick succession; its slim design also keeps the gun from being too bulky under your clothes or inside a holster when compared against other firearms of similar size (though there are larger models available).

Smith & Wesson has made the Shield so corrosion resistant that it will never need to be painted. The polymer frame is robust, but still lightweight at 20 ounces on average! Many people find this gun comfortable due in part from its ergonomic design and manageable recoil which can accommodate beginning shooters as well without compromising accuracy or power level

The trigger is heavy and won’t reset if you let go of it halfway through your shot. Additionally, because this gun has a 5-inch front sight radius that’s too narrow for most people to align properly in order achieve accurate shots without lining up both eyes on target there can be some difficulties while using accuracy as their main form off protection

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is a popular choice for those who want to purchase their first handgun and it’s also easy-to conceal. The highly affordable 9mm costs around $400 today!

The Smith & Wesson S&M Shield EZ is designed for users who find racking, reloading, and handling guns a pain. This model has been made easier so that it can be rack-charged or picked up easily by hand without any trouble at all!

The comfortable grip, good stopping power with low recoil make this gun an excellent choice for those looking to get into self-defense as well as people who want something easy on their hands without compromising performance when shooting targets at longer distances or outdoors where there are fewer obstacles between them and whatever prey might be waiting around each corner!

4. Smith & Wesson Model 340 Revolver

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022



Smith and Wesson’s 340 PD is a tiny, double-action only concealed carry pistol that can deliver massive stopping power. This weapon has top marks in simplicity as well safety with its 10 lbs. trigger pull keeping it away from accidental discharges while being easy to use for anyone regardless of experience level or firearm preference!

It’s not the most powerful or fastest gun in this world, but it has a long reach and can shoot accurately at close range. Plus, there are only six rounds to reload with!

5. Ruger LCP II 380 Auto (ACP) 2.75 Black Pistol

The Ruger LCR is a lightweight, polymer-frame handgun that weighs less than one pound and uses full moon clips. It’s perfect for those who want more concealed carry options without giving up capacity or features!

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022



The weight of this gun is 10.6 ounces unloaded, which makes it one of the lightest concealed carry weapons on our list! It’s also smaller than Glock 43.

The LCP II has a sharp and jittery trigger, which can be difficult to get used too. Additionally, there isn’t much customization options for accessories or colors available on this gun with what feels like an outdated design puts some people off from even trying it out in the first place!

The gun is a lightweight and easy to use with an impressive grip. It has many features that make it great for any shooter, including the slide lock which makes sure your weapon doesn’t slip out of hand easily!

This lightweight classic is a perfect choice for those who want to pack light and go fast. You can find this model for around $350, so it won’t break the bank!

6. Sig Sauer P238 380 Auto (ACP) 2.7in Pistol

The P238 is an excellent choice for women who want the best .380 ACP pistol because it has a pocket-sized frame, which makes it perfect if you have trouble racking your slide or holding onto small grip spots. Plus, this beauty comes with all of Sig’s classic features like bushing barrel locks up quickly and smoothly each time without any snags along way!

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022



With an overall length of 5.5 inches and a weight close to 15 ounces, the Sig P238 is one powerful concealed carry pistol that won’t break your bank account! It delivers all metal construction with low recoil for those who want accuracy in their shooting experience as well as easy access due its short grip design which many large handed individuals may find frustrating at first but once you get used it, it gets better.

You can make your gun as fancy or basic with no-hassle field stripping and affordable customization. It features an easy maintenance design, which you don’t have to worry about anything but keeping it clean! You’ll find that there are many colors available for this weapon – if black isn’t really what suits YOUR taste, then why not go ahead, and customize? The gun averages $600 and up. The magazines range from $40 all way through 60 dollars for 7 round magazines.

7. Mossberg MC! Sub-Compact 9mm Luger 3.4in Black Pistol

Mossberg has finally created the perfect budget handgun. The MC1sc is lightweight, polymer and easy-to draw with its slim design that doesn’t snag on anything when you try to quickly be drawn out in self-defense situation! If all this wasn’t enough already for an amazing price point, then throw into consideration how cool looking these things are too – who wouldn’t want one of those?

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022



“Mossy boy just got real.”

The gun is sleek and well designed with an easy grip. The magazine has 7 rounds so you can see how many bullets are left in it without having to check by counting, which might be handy if there were any misfires or flyers during previous shots!

The MC1 is a heavy-duty weapon that can hold its own against many other guns in terms of accuracy and stability. With the easy pull trigger, safe takedown system™, and extra weight at 22 ounces this gun will not let you down when it comes time to fight or hunt!

The MC1sc is an intriguing choice for those looking to get their self-defense game on point. Not only does it have the same capacity as other handguns, but this gun also retains its compact size and ergonomic design which are two major benefits that make these guns so popular with women shooters.

8. Beretta BU9 Nano Pistol

The Beretta Nano is a small handgun with no external safety features, making it perfect for carry. With its snag-free design and ergonomic grip you can wear this gun in any situation without worrying about getting stuck or tangled up!

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022



This gun is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to have a little more control over their shooting experience. The grip frame can be changed with different colors and sights, making it very customizable!

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022

The firing pin of the Beretta Nano is made out plastic, which can cause it break or bend over time. This could result in an inability to fire correctly and might be a potential reliability issue for users who have heavy use with their pistols

The trigger pull might difficult some people’s tastes, but this isn’t much trouble at all since there are only minimal flaws present on these guns other than what we’ve mentioned here!

The Beretta Nano is a perfect pistol for those who want to carry it on their person. The size and weight of this weapon make them easy-to use, but also accurate enough when you need that extra bit of precision in your shooting games or physical self-defense arsenal! It can be bought at around $500 dollars if not less.

9. Walther PPS M2 Pistol

The Walther PPS is a great choice for those who want something small and easy to manage. It’s thin, making it an ideal weapon in tight spaces or if you’re wearing gloves; the safety can be accessed by both left-handers (who get their own button) as well righties without any problem at all! Plus, there are loads of other features – like loaded chamber indicators that show when ready firing up front before grabbing this little guy out on-site during emergencies…

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022



Walther went for an ergonomic and comfortable handgun, with a 1-inch width that’s moderately scored. So, no matter if you have big or small hands this gun won’t irritate your grip! It weighs 21 ounces which makes it one of the heavier guns on our list but has very low recoil as well-being 3 inches long from end to beginning barrel meaning steady shooting all day long.

Walther’s traditional platform isn’t for everyone. The trigger pull is heavy and bulky, with 6 lbs. of pressure needed to fire up this handgun musket gun – but if you’re looking more heavily armed protection then I say go right ahead! It does have some good features that makes it worth considering though; like how hard each slide became when pulled back after shooting which made them difficult (but not impossible) to rack in case something went wrong during combat situations.

The Walther PPS is a popular choice for those looking to shoot quickly and accurately. It features an ergonomic design with push-button magazine release, and some can be found with laser sights.

10. Kimber Pro Carry II 45 Auto (ACP) 4in Matte Black Pistol

Here’s a Kimber Pro Carry II with an elegant .45 caliber and classic 1911 look. It is also available as 9mm if you find that the recoil proves too stubborn for your taste!

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022



The stainless-steel gun weighs 28 ounces, features single action trigger but has extra grip safety which reduces accidental discharge–most would agree these are very stylish guns in satin silver finish over double diamond checkered grips.

Kimber has designed a compact frame for the Kimber Pro Carry II that is perfect for concealed carry. The low-profile iron sights are fun to use, and this handgun offers plenty of grip with its sweat guards or pinky rest enhancing your shooting experience!

What will you be carrying? The Kimber Pro Carry II .45 is an impressive \$500 dollar self-defense choice if you’re looking for a handgun to keep yourself safe and sound. It has been reported as being quite scary looking while still kicking like crazy!

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022

The market is flooded with countless different types of handguns, but not all can be considered “perfect” for self-defense. I recommend a full frame pistol that’s lightweight and easy to carry because it will have enough power when needed without being too big or bulky in your pocket!

Here are 4 important factors to consider:

        • Comfort and ease of operation
        • Weight and concealability
        • Recoil
        • Reliability and safety features

When choosing the most suitable handgun for self-defense, there are four points that should be considered. These differ between genders and include what you plan on using your gun for (i.e., protection), how much space is available in your current weapon collection or wardrobe if it’s an evening out/weekend event.

Also remember to check the CCW (concealed carry weapon) laws in your state, as they may vary from state to state.

I do offer the Texas License to Carry Online Class, to get you started in obtaining your Texas Concealed Carry.

I also offer concealed carry in other states and various other firearms training classes.

So here are my opinions on the guns above by question:

What’s the best handgun for women to carry?

The Glock 43 is a fantastic choice for those who want an affordable, reliable weapon that can stop their opponents in just about any situation. It’s solid power and magazine size make it perfect as your primary carry piece or backup gun when you’re out on the town – I highly recommend getting one! If price isn’t really concern but extra stopping ability is needed, then consider checking out this model from Glock which includes both increased firepower along with superior handling qualities at lower cost than most other similar firearms available today.

I would also recommend the lightweight Smith & Wesson Shield, for its ease of operation and butter-smooth slide rack. This gun is perfect if you want to keep things simple!

Image 202

What handgun has least recoil?

If you have weak hands or any kind of recoil problems with your EDC (everyday carry), then the Smith & Wesson Shield is perfect for self-defense. It’s lightweight and easy to handle making it ideal even if those demonstrations turn out badly in an emergency where every moment counts!

What’s the most lightweight handgun?

The lightest gun we have on this list is the Ruger LCP II .380 with 10.6 oz and a 4-pound trigger pull weight! It’s also one of their most affordable models, which means it will fit into any budget perfectly–perfect for you if your ultimate goal in getting yourself an easier-to carry firearm while still having protection like no other caliber out there today or yesterday (literally)!

What’s the best gun for women with smaller hands?

The Smith & Wesson Shield and Sig Sauer P365 guns are great for those with small hands. Although some might prefer different sizes, it’s important to consider the height of your grip as well as texture which will determine how easily you can control this weapon in an emergency.

Short Range Shooting and a Woman’s Clothing Problem

Wearing a gun is not for everyone. For women who want to wear their pistols on the regular, it can be difficult due to how fitted most dresses and skirts are these days – not just when you’re going out of town but even at home! That’s why we recommend lightweight concealment with smooth grips that won’t get tangled up.

That’s why you need a holster for your gun. You can put it in any bag or even leave the firearm at home if needed but having one will make sure that nothing gets between yourself and protecting what matters most-especially when trouble comes calling!

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022

Do I need a Holster?

If you’re looking to concealed carry your firearm, then purses and other bags are good for it. However, I recommend getting a suitable holster so that the gun doesn’t get in any awkward positions or bang against nearby objects when walking around town!

Smaller Gun = Less Recoil?

Absolutely NOT!! A smaller gun does NOT mean less recoil!!!

Smaller guns may look less intimidating, but they can pack a powerful punch. This is because of their lightweight frame and short barrel that absorbs only some shock, resulting in jumpy recoil depending on what you’re shooting at!

The smaller the handgun, like a Smith & Wesson .38 Special or Glock 26; these weapons are difficult to operate because of their small grip and kicking recoil. This can make them harder for someone who’s not used shooting them before as there will be more coordination needed between your hands on how they point it at something while also controlling its movement with another set-in order propel an object away from yourself

Best Concealed Carry Handguns for Women 2022

The problem here is called Recoil Anticipation – when you pull back completely after firing off rounds which causes all that energy stored during discharge (plus some) go into pushing forward through our barrel instead–and this makes some people feel intimidated since we don’t know where next shot might land. Hand here is my time to preach you need some basic handgun training and practice, practice, and more practice. Nothing compares to proper training and muscle memory when you are in an emergency.

This is where the balancing act starts. Smaller gun maybe less grip but conceals well. Bigger gun better grip but now your options where to conceal it decreases. No one can answer this question but you.

Try it before you buy it!

There is a lot of excitement about buying guns online these days, but it’s important to be aware that you might not get what you want. Gun stores are usually more expensive than some websites and they will allow customers who try before purchasing so long as there’s enough time left on their test drive period–I recommend taking this option if possible!

In the end at least go to a store where you can handle different handguns, find what fits you well. Even though you may not be able to test fire at least it will give you some ideas of what you like.