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How Much Does a Gun License Cost in Texas?

How Much Does a Gun License Cost in Texas?

So you might be asking yourself, How Much Does a Gun License Cost in Texas?

18–20-year-olds can now get a Concealed Carry in Texas. The new age requirement for the Texas License to Carry – Texas Concealed Carry is now only 18 years old per Federal Court Ruling.

Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc. et. al., v. Steven McCraw, et. al., No. 4:21-cv-1245-P

Texas offers residents and non-residents an open carry permit or concealed carry permit to carry their firearms. According to the open carry Texas gun laws, license holders can carry handguns or long guns to most places in Texas except restricted areas like schools, government offices, etc.

However, before taking a gun out in public, you should get a license to carry from the Texas department of public safety and be eligible for a gun permit. The department will also run background checks before issuing your license.

Applicants can apply for a gun permit from the DPS website and get the permit within three to six months of application. The department also charges a fee to get a permit to keep a gun in Texas. In this article, we’ll see how much it costs to get a Texas handgun license.

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The Cost to Get Your Concealed Handgun License

Ideally, a Texas license is pretty expensive. You need to pay the application, fingerprint, and training fees to get your permit. Also, your permit is only approved after the successful completion of your background check.

The department of public safety in Texas offers individuals a license to carry or a concealed carry permit. It is a five-year license, and it costs hundreds of dollars. It also has special discounts for people falling under specific categories like honorably discharged military veterans, etc.

Below is the cost breakdown for getting a Texas concealed handgun permit:

Initial License Fee

You must pay a standard fee of \$40 while submitting your application online. However, people falling under specific categories get discounts on the license to carry fees. For example, supervision officers have to pay only $25 for a handgun license.

Reciprocal Licenses

Texas recognizes licenses from some states like Virginia, etc. You can get a reciprocal license to carry and use it in Texas. Most people use this method to get handgun licenses since it saves them money.

Again, the cost of getting a reciprocal open carry gun permit may vary depending on the state. So, check the state law before applying for a concealed weapon license.

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After you submit the completed application, you need to provide your fingerprints. Texas only accepts digital prints, and you must submit them through a government-approved vendor.

You can book your appointment and pay the fingerprint fee of \$9.95 (excluding taxes) to submit your fingerprints for the license to carry.

Ten-Hour Concealed Handgun License Class

The training class and instructor certification fees vary depending on the company and instructor you choose. Currently, the training classes in Texas may cost you around \$100.

You must attend at least four to ten hours of concealed gun license class and pass the exam to apply for a license. However, Texas lawmakers are looking to reduce the training time for residents.


The Texas law requires you to show your proficiency using your handgun. You need to get ammunitions to prove your capability, which can cost you up to $50, depending on the number of firing rounds.


You need to renew your license to carry after every five years. And you also have to take a four-hour training class before renewal.

The renewal cost for a concealed permit is $40, and the class can cost you up to $100. However, this may vary depending on the future prices.

The Cost to Get Your Texas Concealed Handgun License

As mentioned above, the cost to get a handgun permit in Texas depends on various factors. You need to pay fees for the application, training classes, fingerprint, ammunition, and renewal. Overall, a gun permit in Texas can cost you \$200 or above.

Additionally, government or military officers and people falling under specific categories are eligible for discounts on the license fees.

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How Much Does a CHL class cost in Texas?

There is no fixed price for taking a CHL class in Texas. The training fees may vary for different institutions. For example, the cost of online training and in-person training may vary. So, you can ask specific institutions about the training fees.

Generally, it costs up to \$100 to take a four-hour training in Texas.

Texas License to Carry Renewal

The validity of your gun permit is five years. After completion of five years, you need to attend a training course and apply for permit renewal.

You can apply for renewal before six months of your license expiry and within 12 months of expiry. And the process to apply for a gun license renewal is through the DPS website.

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However, if your permit expired more than 12 months ago, you need to start a new application and follow the procedure used to apply for a new permit.

How Much Does It Cost to Renew Concealed Handgun License in Texas?

The cost to apply for a gun permit renewal is $40. However, you must attend a four-hour training course before applying for renewal. So, the total cost depends on the cost of the training and renewal.

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