LTC Class in Austin

Save your gas Money and take our LTC Class in Austin online


Do you live in Austin, Texas or surrounding area and want to get your License to Carry?

Conceal Carry Academy provides the best LTC class in Austin Texas. Save your gas money! Now you don’t have to travel to a crowded classroom to get training and attempt the test because Conceal Carry Academy has got everything covered for you. You get the best training online. And you take the training anytime and from the comfort of your home.

For less than a tank of gas you can take our online LTC Class. Our online training is very affordable, easy to manage, and convenient. Our online course is self-paced. And we have the best highly experienced training instructors for providing the training. Even if you are a beginner our training course provides knowledge from scratch that you can easily understand and learn. After taking our training the quiz will be a piece of cake for you.

LTC Range Qualification - Concealed Carry - LTC Class in Austin
License to Carry Qualification Austin - LTC Class in Austin Texas

We make it easy to get your Texas license to carry. Unlike others, our online class is efficient, common sense, and we break everything down so it’s easy for everyone to understand. We also assist you in finding a local LTC instructor in your area to complete the shooting portion after you take our online class.

The shooting portion of the LTC Class in Austin Texas

We know that not everyone has time or can afford the expense of taking an LTC class in Austin  in person (Gas prices are terrible), so we offer our online! The best part? Once you’ve completed it, download your certificate immediately. Bring this document to any local LTC instructor to complete range portion.

Some people are exempt from the shooting portion and all they are ready to apply immediately after completing our online license to carry class. Contact Us for more info.

So, if you thinking to become a concealed carry permit (LTC) holder in Austin Texas then you should get the best training from the best instructors. The license to carry provides peace of mind to the gun owner. Texas LTC holders face fewer restrictions as compared to the ones who do Permitless Constitutional carry.

Common Customer FAQs

This depends on the instructor; it can range anywhere from $75 to $150 dollars. That is why we built the online version for the working family. Our class is $40. We are the most affordable in the state.

In-person classes can range from 8-12 hours depending on instructor. Our Online course is a minimum of 4 hours for the Texas LTC Class.

Yes, minus Range Portion of training if needed, and getting fingerprints / Passport photos done. Everything can be taught online at your own pace with our Texas License to Carry Class LTC CHL. You can go to the Texas DPS website here to start your application. Everything these days is submitted online, though there is an option to mail some things in but DPS frowns on that.

Given that legislature voted for the change of the Concealed Handgun License (Concealed Carry) to License to Carry Texas. One could argue that with a vote it could be changed. Given that a lot of time and money was spent to change to LTC from a CHL. So highly unlikely that things will change anytime soon.

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