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Is the LTC worth Getting?

Is the LTC worth Getting?

Is the LTC worth getting?

You probably have a co-worker, a friend, a relative, or someone that you know who has likely gone through the process to get Texas License to Carry permit. And you may wonder why, or you may be wondering if the LTC is worth getting, if it is what is right for you, or if you should pursue the determination of getting a License to Carry (LTC). The answer is of course YES!

I believe that there are many benefits to having the LTC permit so let's go over a few of the biggest benefits and legal protections that you receive by having an LTC handgun or firearm permit.

Is the LTC worth Getting?
  • LTC is worth getting because it allows an accessible handgun in your vehicle so that you can protect yourself on the roadways, while traveling or while dropping off/picking up at a school.

School district employees who have been issued LTC have protections that allow them to keep a firearm and confetti concealed in their locked motor vehicle in a school parking lot for their protection.

Is the LTC worth Getting?
  • LTC provides a legal entity to the NICS Background Check System (NICS) when purchasing.
  • LTC holders have protections related to the accidental carrying of a firearm in the secured area of an airport they retain their ability to avoid arrest in the event they inadvertently have a firearm through the airport and if they right away depart the secured area when notified they own a handgun.
  • Military members between the ages of 18 and 20 are eligible for the LTC, which will allow them to have handguns in public.
  • The LTC owner is legally allowed to take a gun at an open meeting of a government body, in a hospital, nursing home, amusement park, church, synagogue, or any other place of worship unless given notice under 30.06 or 30.07, non-holder cannot carry their period.

Legal restrictions against carrying handguns at the bar do not apply to LTC holders unless the bar has posted a 51% sign by law.

Restaurant signs that do not have a 51% on them, and if they include the word “unlicensed” in reference to who can’t carry there, they’re letting you know LTC holders can still carry on the premises because they are licensed.

Is the LTC worth Getting?
  • LTC holders are not prone to felony execution under the Federal Gun-Free School Zone law.
  • LTC is cost-effective it will cost you $40 which is valid for five years ($8 per year).

 Thus, LTC is unquestionably worth getting. Anyone serious about carrying will continue to obtain a Texas License to Carry (LTC) because it imposes fewer restrictions, allows for carrying in more locations, and provides legal protection.