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Texas LTC

Texas License to Carry Title and LTC

Texas LTC

The Firearms Carry Act of 2021—HB 1927, also known as Texas Constitutional Carry—has been the law of the land since September. As a result, most people can now carry firearms without a taxes license titles, and LTC.

However, even with the passage of Texas HB 1927, which provides for the permit-free carry of a firearm in Texas, the majority of people still choose to obtain ataxes license titles and LTC. The reason for this is that Texas License to Carry provides legal protections and other benefits when carrying a firearm that is not covered by permit-less/constitutional carry in Texas. Not only are there benefits to having an LTC under Texas law, but the online training also covers content that every gun owner is responsible to know and should be informed of.

Advantages of having a Texas License to Carry - LTC

  • One of the best advantages of having Texas LTC is that, LTC holders can carry firearms in states where Texas has reciprocity agreements or state law recognizes the Texas Handgun license. 37 other states recognize the Texas licensed carry when traveling.
  • When purchasing, License to Carry Texas provides a legal entity to the NICS Background Check System (NICS).
  • Texas LTC holders will be able to carry in more places. Those who do not have a permit to carry are severely limited in where they can carry.
Texas LTC
  • There are protections if you walk past no-gun signs with a license to carry, but those protections do not apply to permanent carry.
  • There are restrictions on carrying a firearm at College campuses HB. But with a License to Carry Texas you can conceal carry onto college campuses in Texas where sporting events are taking place even and in buildings on the college which you can’t do with permanent carry.
Texas LTC

Regardless of how you decide to carry your gun, whether it’s a Texas LTC or permit less carry, make sure you’re well educated and responsible, safe, and effective with carrying your gun.

When you’re ready to get your Texas License to Carry (LTC), make sure you choose a premier training provider. Conceal Carry Academy is committed to offering the best firearms training possible. When they need information on firearms safety or they want to take a Texas LTC class, gun owners trust the expertise of the pros from Conceal Carry Academy. If you have questions about any aspect of gun ownership in Texas, contact us today!