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Texas Concealed Carry

texas concealed carry law

texas concealed carry law only had two places where you could have a handgun, that was on your private property, your home, your land whatever, or in your vehicle of a certain condition. With the nationwide grassroots demand for a way for law-abiding citizens to carry a firearm, in 1995, the 74th Texas State Legislature passed SB 60, a law that directed Texas DPS to create a procedure through which citizens could obtain a concealed carry handgun.

In 2015, a law allowing CHL holders to carry openly was passed. On January 1, 2016, the Texas CHL became the License to Carry (LTC).

License to carry means you can carry openly or you can carry concealed any way you want. If you carry it open it has to be on a belt holster or a shoulder.

Texas Concealed Carry

Whether you want to carry it openly or concealed it is your personal choice. But for most gun owners, maintaining this unobtrusive, low profile is a priority. That’s why those who concealed carry currently far outnumber those who open carry, even though in most states including Texas open carry doesn’t require any special permits and concealed carry does.

Texas Concealed Carry

Why get texas concealed carry law

You probably have a co-worker, a friend of someone relative someone that you know that has likely gone through the process to get a concealed handgun permit you may wonder why or you may be wondering if that is what is right for you.

I believe that there are many benefits to having the permit and today I want to go over the three biggest benefits that you receive by having that concealed handgun permit

It Can Keep You Safe

The first one is the most obvious reason to carry a gun concealed on your person to be able to protect yourself or someone that you care about if you have to.

Texas Concealed Carry

It Allows You to Carry In More Places

Most states including Texas still require you to have a permit to carry the gun concealed on your person if your state does not it still would likely be in your best interest to get that concealed handgun permit because it allows you to carry in more places and you still likely need it to carry it outside of the state under reciprocity agreements so there’s your most obvious reason.

Texas Concealed Carry

It Heightens Your Awareness and gives you an element of surprise

Other than that concealed carry still has great advantages to it. If there are any threats you encounter, you can protect yourself without others knowing you are carrying a weapon. This gives you an element of surprise and also minimizes the risk that any thieves may take it from you before you can draw it.

Pros of Texas Concealed Carry

Concealed carry is often practiced as a means of self-defense. It is a great way to carry your firearms with you without them being visible to the public eye. It can be somewhat a hassle as you have to conceal your gun in a way that is subtle and looks like you don’t have a firearm at hand.  However, this option can also come at the cost of comfort and accessibility. For example; with concealed carry, the majority of the owners have to carry their guns with direct contact with their skin. This can cause discomfort. A firearm stored in a backpack or purse doesn’t give you easy access to draw your firearm in times of emergency.

Note: When you carry concealed there’s really no special way that you have to carry concealed. But it’s probably prudent to keep it in a holster as you don’t want any accidental or negligent discharges. For example, you don’t want to reach into your purse and have your gun go off or so it’s probably a good idea to keep it in a holster.

Texas Concealed Carry

Originally posted on June 8, 2022 @ 9:00 am