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Texas License to Carry (LTC)

Texas License to Carry (LTC) – 100% DPS Approved

You may have heard that Texas has been designated as a Constitutional Carry State.

The new age requirement for the Texas License to Carry – Texas Concealed Carry is now only 18 years old per Federal Court Ruling.

Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc. et. al., v. Steven McCraw, et. al., No. 4:21-cv-1245-P

The Firearms Carry Act of 2021—HB 1927, also known as Texas Constitutional Carry—has been the law of the land since September. As a result, most people can now carry firearms without a Texas License to Carry (LTC).

So, good for those who are carrying now without a license, but some of you may be wondering if there is still a good reason to have your Texas license to carry (LTC)?

The answer is definitive “Yes.” And, despite the fact that Texas now has constitutional carry, Subchapter H Chapter 411.172 of the Texas Government Code remains in full force.

We did not lose our LTCs in Texas, and you can still obtain one. If you already have a Texas LTC, you should renew it because there are far too many advantages.

Texas License to Carry (LTC)

Why do you need a Texas License to Carry (LTC)?

Simply put, as a Texas LTC license holder, you have more rights. And there are numerous legal advantages to having a Texas License to Carry. So, let’s go over some of the most important advantages and legal protections that come with having an LTC handgun or firearm permit.

The first and most obvious reason is that Texas License to Carry Bypass NICS check

When purchasing, LTC provides a legal entity to the NICS Background Check System (NICS).

Going back to when the pandemic began in 2020, during the March lockdowns, people began freaking out and going to gun stores to buy a firearm because they believed their lives were in immediate danger.

People expected to walk into a store and walk out the same day, especially in California, where there is a waiting period. That, however, was not the case.

Texas License to Carry (LTC)

Some may argue that Texas isn’t like that. Yes, that is correct, but when the NICS is overburdened due to the number of people attempting to purchase firearms, you may experience a delay or a denial.

However, if you bring your LTC, which is a valid form of legal government, you simply fill out your 4473. Then they copy your LTC, and you can walk out with the firearm right away. They are not required to call your stuff in.

So LTC bypasses the NICS check and effectively creates a fast pass line to get your firearm, especially in cases like the ones we’ve seen in the last year.

You can carry in more places if you have a Texas license to carry (LTC)

LTC holders will be able to carry in more places. Those who do not have a permit to carry are severely limited in where they can carry.

Texas License to Carry (LTC)

For instance; Section 30.5’s new criminal trespass warning makes it illegal to enter the property with a firearm displaying the notice. 30.5 notices, on the other hand, will not apply to someone who has a license to carry and is concealing a pistol.

So if you don’t have a license and see the 30.5 notice, you won’t be able to enter. However, if you have a license and a concealed handgun, you can carry it there.

You have the following protections with a Texas license to carry(LTC):

With a Texas License to carry, you also have protections against unintentionally carrying a firearm in a secured area.


Texas License to Carry (LTC)

For example, at the airport, if you accidentally bring your firearm into that security screening checkpoint, you will be given the opportunity to go put that firearm away without being arrested or fined; however, under permit-less carry, you will not be given that opportunity.

License holder students are eligible for Texas Campus carry

Without a Texas license to carry, you will be unable to carry on college campuses. But Students with a license to carry are permitted to carry a concealed handgun on campus. The state’s controversial “campus carry” law allows license holder students over the age of 21 to carry firearms on all public college and university campuses in a concealed manner.

Texas License to Carry (LTC)


If you’re wondering whether you should keep your current Texas LTC or whether you should get an LTC at all, the short answer is yes, an LTC is a good thing to have.

And, regardless of what you believe, we strongly believe that you require training and education in order to be responsible, safe, and effective when carrying a firearm.

Pros of Texas Concealed Carry

Concealed carry is often practiced as a means of self-defense. It is a great way to carry your firearms with you without them being visible to the public eye. It can be somewhat a hassle as you have to conceal your gun in a way that is subtle and looks like you don’t have a firearm at hand.  However, this option can also come at the cost of comfort and accessibility.

For example; with concealed carry, the majority of the owners have to carry their guns with direct contact with their skin. This can cause discomfort. A firearm stored in a backpack or purse doesn’t give you easy access to draw your firearm in times of emergency.

When you’re ready to get your Texas License to Carry (LTC), make sure you choose a premier training provider. Conceal Carry Academy is committed to offering the best firearms training possible. When they need information on firearms safety or they want to take a Texas LTC class, gun owners trust the expertise of the pros from Conceal Carry Academy. If you have questions about any aspect of gun ownership in Texas, contact us today!