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Are you wanting to get your License to Carry? Then Our Texas Online Concealed Carry Class is Perfect for you!

Before 2016 the term which was used for the gun permit in Texas was concealed handgun license (CHL). On a CHL license only concealed carry was allowed. In 2016 Texas State allowed both concealed carry and open carry. So CHL term didn’t make any sense so in 2017 the CHL term was changed to license to carry (LTC). And now the concealed carry class is known and license to carry class.

Currently, Texas has allowed two modes of training. One is an online training and second is the in-person training. But by far people prefer an online license to carry (LTC) class more as compared to an in-person live class. Because online training is easy to manage, convenient, and very affordable. 

Concealed Carry in Texas
License to carry Qualification Dallas - License to carry Qualification Dallas - LTC Class in Dallas

Our online license to carry class is fully approved and is according to the rules and regulations of Texas and the Department of Public Safety. So, it gives a big relief to the individuals that they are getting the most accurate and approved online training of license to carry in Texas.

Our course is very simple and easy to understand even for beginners.

Even if you are a beginner this course starts everything from the scratch and gives you complete training that will help you in getting your Texas gun permit. The online training course has different videos/ lessons and complete training is around 4 hours long.

Grip Practice - Texas Concealed Handgun License - Concealed Carry Texas

But you can watch videos at intervals anytime and from the comfort of your home. In the license to carry online training you get to learn about carrying laws, gun laws, safety measures, situation handling, and awareness.

License to Carry Texas

Conceal Carry Academy has a very important feature of saving the progress for our online class. It automatically saves your current progress so whenever you resume your course you don’t lose your place and start right away. Conceal Carry Academy provides very convenient and affordable online concealed handgun license training. We will help you in getting concealed handgun license in almost no time.

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