Improved Home Defense: Eleven Ways to Make Your Residence a Difficult Target

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There is more to home defense than owning a gun; apply these inventive suggestions to make your residence a challenging target.

Important Takeaways

  • Survey your surroundings, install cameras, trim the bushes, and add motion detector lights to fortify the interior and exterior of your property.
  • Consider installing an alarm system or acquiring a dog. • Bolt your doors and windows for security.

Be cautious, establish friends with your neighbors, map out an escape route, have a firearm close by, and practice your safety protocol.

homeowners spend a considerable amount of time finalizing every component of their dream home, from tiling to design to interiors and everything else, yet they neglect to create a foolproof home defense strategy. As a result, the house’s inhabitants are susceptible to external attacks. By the time they find out, it is possible that the worst has already transpired.

Improved Home Defense: Eleven Ways to Make Your Residence a Difficult Target

That is a steep penalty for laziness. A residence that is secure is tough to attack. The home defense may appear to be a simple notion, yet it requires substantial consideration. Recognizing the need for good home defense is the first step, followed by meticulous planning and execution. The objective is simple: to make threats and avoid your residence.

Ten methods to make your home harder to attack

What are exterior remains exterior? Keep your home’s doors and windows locked at all times. Ensure that every entrance has a peephole. Additionally, always keep your garage door secured. Criminals could break into your garage and then enter your house. Install a dead stop or a chain lock on your doors.

Although it may not prevent attackers from entering, it will surely delay them down sufficiently for you to respond. To safeguard your doors, upgrade your locks with an extra-long deadbolt, a hardened steel striking plate, and 3″ screws. Additionally, invest in sturdy steel or solid core doors.

Avoid buying fancy doors that could compromise your home’s security. If possible, install a second door, preferably a sturdy glass door, to serve as a barrier. You are not required to open the door until you are certain of the view through the glass panel.

1. Animal security

Animals are known to swiftly detect abnormal motions. The ideal security measure for every homeowner is a dog that barks when it detects an intruder. The presence of a dog discourages intruders from entering a home, and the knowledge that the dog could attack at any time causes criminals to seek other targets.

In addition to barking, dogs can be frightening. Dogs are the ideal companions for home security. At night, dogs, including Bullmastiffs, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds, perform well near strangers. These loving, watchful, and courageous puppies are invulnerable to intruders.

Animal Security

2. Make it exceptionally unpredictable.

Everyone follows a schedule on a daily basis. However, what is regular for you may be an opportunity for a burglar to break into your home by observing your actions. It may appear challenging to adjust your everyday regular protocols, but strive to diversify your entrances and exits. Keep invaders guessing by avoiding pattern formation?

3. Examine your environment

You must step forth and familiarise yourself with the neighborhood’s dynamics. Everything in your surroundings affects your safety. The greater your awareness of your surroundings, the safer you will feel. Such that you may require the assistance of your next-door neighbor. In your absence, a neighbor can be a great resource.

Engage with your neighbors and monitor their activities. When someone is close to you, their actions can have an effect on your family. If all goes well, they will be there to provide a hand when circumstances are rough because you are such a welcoming and familiar presence. Regularly attend neighborhood meetings and socialize with your neighbors.

4. Illuminate the area around you

Always illuminate the area surrounding your home. You wish to convey the impression that someone is there and awake at home. Light makes it more difficult for thieves to conceal themselves and leave such areas undetected.

Install solar-powered motion sensor LED lights on your lawn and other dark areas. When an intruder enters this area, the lights go out, causing them to panic and escape.

Interior Lighting

5. Interior illumination

Give the appearance that someone is up late by lighting your rooms. Programming the lights in different empty rooms to turn on at random intervals is preferable to always turning on the same light. Even an outside motion detector could be connected to your indoor lighting. When an intruder approaches, the lights will illuminate.

6. Firearms and accessories are positioned properly

Regarding home defense, firearms are an obvious choice. Follow local regulations regarding firearm storage, but always have the handgun, a flashlight, and other accouterments close. The next time you are startled by a sound, you will immediately retrieve your firearm.

gun safe accessories gun safes
alarm system

7. Alarm systems

A timely notice from the wireless security system and a direct connection to first responders can save the day. When the system identifies a potential threat, an internal siren is activated. Numerous of these alarm systems feature triggers that can be customized to suit your demands.

8. Excessive plant development

Surrounding your property, overgrown bushes can provide great cover for burglars. Bring out your hedge trimmers and begin to trim or uproot the overgrowth. Never allow these bushes to develop to the point where they endanger the security of your home. Employ a professional or develop the habit of cutting your grass yourself.

9. Surveillance Cameras

Install CCTV cameras in every room in your house. A camera offers awareness of the surrounding environment. If they observe a security camera that photographs and captures them, they will also reconsider their decision to perform any misdeeds. You may even consider installing a video doorbell.

A video doorbell with an intercom enables you to communicate with visitors and identify their purpose for visiting. The majority of cameras are capable of recording HD-quality video and include a number of capabilities, including night vision, motion tracking, a mode for family sharing, and more

home security cameras

10. Expect deception

If you are unable to perform any of the above, utilize innovative methods to give the impression that your home is secure to anyone who approaches too closely. Place a “Beware the Dog” or “Burglar Alarm” sign in your front yard. Additionally, install false cameras on all doors.

Make your home a challenging target!

Burglars always target the home with the weakest defenses; therefore the only way to keep them away is to implement a formidable defense strategy. Tailor your home defense approach to your individual requirements. Aside from that, maintain vigilance and safety, and avoid complacency regarding home security. If you wish to understand more about home defense, please browse our blog section further.

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